This web site promotes a story developed over the past 10 years. It’s an adventure that focuses on a young man who has been pre-chosen to complete a mission that, if not complete, will have devastating effects on the planet’s future survival. Murphy’s Cure is not only about a quest to reach a final destination; the story, in fact, takes numerous turns that question where the human species is heading and the environmental “footprints” we are leaving behind. These messages are intertwined with love, hate, greed, determination, kindness, sacrifice and the sheer willpower of one person. With the help of others – both human and spiritual – Alex can fulfill not only his journey but, also fulfill himself as the true prophet of God.

Within the pages of this site, there are story excerpts and images of the authors work as an environmentalist and wildlife illustrator. There is also a page about a great friend who inspires this work and the way we look at this beautiful planet and animal species: Dr. Jane Goodall.

This story is truly the Journey of the Century.

Who is Alex Murphy?

At age 8, he is taken away by a rampaging circus elephant, only to be quickly returned and cured of his childhood paralysis. This is only the beginning of his costly adventure. He watches his sister die at the hands of his uncle and experiences the death of his father, who could have been saved by science. At 25, Alex will go through a series of obstacles that start in the dreary halls of a biomedical laboratory and end in the mountainous terrain, of darkest Africa, on a quest to save the planet.

Along the way, he will meet a number of people… some chosen to guide him… others who are equally aware of his mission who try to stop him from completing his journey. 

What is The Cure?

The Cure is a combination of elements that include a mystical “Key” that unlocks the Cure. It’s origin is as mysterious as the power it possesses. Depending on who holds it, it could be used for good or evil. Too much information will give away the story so, stay tuned.

Who Inspired Me…

There have been a number of environmental activists and organizations, over the years, that have influenced my work. Most notably, the renowned Primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall. I met “Dr. Jane” at a conference, in 1984, and I have, since then, been volunteering for the Institute.